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Eco-Friendly Tips

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  • When you throw non-biodegradeable containers in your trash, unscrew the lids so that they take-up less room in a landfill. -- contributed by Bruce Haig

  • Unplug your recharger once your cell phone is charged. (Save 100,000 tons of carbon dioxide in the US alone.)

  • Keep your vehicle well-tuned, and tires properly inflated. (Just tires alone will increase gas mileage about 3%, saving thousands of barrels of oil every day.)

  • Use energy-saving light bulbs. (Lights use about 20% of the average user's energy bill.)

  • Moderate temperature controls. Just 2 degrees difference, cooler in the winter, and warmer in the summer, can make a huge difference.

  • Purchase recycled paper products.

  • Lighten up your vehicle. Keeping a lot of unnecessary things stored in your car/SUV/truck can weigh it down, demanding more fuel when you travel.

  • Compost your food waste.

  • Do your laundry in cold water. (Can save approximately 500 pounds of carbon a year.)

  • Shut off your work computer at the end of the day.

  • Recycling is important, but it is not the silver bullet that many people think. Using less is a far better alternative. Plastic bottles are a case in point. Recycling may reduce their presence in landfills, but their production still adds to the problem. Better to reuse a single container with tap water. Save money too.

  • Seriously consider transitioning to solar energy. It makes for a valuable investment.

  • Make your next vehicle energy efficient. Consider smaller cars and hybrids.










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